Dave Chappelle Didn’t Have A Meltdown, But He Did Walk Off Stage [Video]

Did Dave Chappelle really storm off stage after being heckled? Did he storm out in a rage because of unruly fans? A video of the comedian’s soon-to-be infamous performance has popped up online and fans are interpreting it in a few different ways.

Initial reports said that the comedian lost it after he was heckled during his act. You can definitely hear a few people screaming in the video most of the shouts are “I Love You Dave.”

Latanya Barrett, who was at the show to write a review for her website Sprinkles and Booze, said that Chappelle started his show strong after a standing ovation. Chappelle told jokes for about 10 minutes but then got distracted by his fans.

Barrett writes: “He was on stage for… 25 minutes. For the first five or 10, he actually did go into his routine, telling a few jokes. It was a typical crowd, yelling out the occasional ‘I love you’ or something random…. But every time anyone would scream anything, he would stop speaking and tell us how awful we were. It was just a regular crowd…. I didn’t understand why he was doing this.”

Things really started to go down hill after a fan toward the front gave the comedian her book. Chappelle read a few pages from the book, “Tales of an Original Bad Girl,” and the heckling got a little bit louder.

Mack Mama writes that Chappelle wanted to tell his jokes in front of an attentive crowd. Instead, he got drunks and stoners who wanted to hear bits from The Chappelle Show.

Mama writes: “The man had something on his mind, and he wanted to express himself peacefully. The thing was, he forgot he was amongst rowdy, drunk, stoners who were waiting all night, after eight long years to hear their beloved “half baked” King of Comedy. There was a disconnect, that immediately followed an onstage cigarette break, which, I found hilarious, and most thought was apart of his act.”

The heckles kept coming and eventually Dave stopped doing his planned act. Instead, he told stories about comedians who had walked off stage and joked about how Hartford was responsible for sending him to Africa.

Chappelle said: “The next time I’m on television and they interview me and say, ‘Why did you go back to Africa?’ I’m not gonna say Hartford did it. I’m not gonna tell them that.”

Here’s a video of Chappelle on stage in Hartford talking about how Richard Pryor walked off stage when he was a young comedian.

Chappelle stayed on stage for his scheduled time. He said it was the “longest 30 minutes” he had ever done but he did finish the set. Of course, only half of the time was filled with jokes.

At the end of the set, after spending 8 minutes talking about walking off stage, Chappelle told his audience that he loved some of them and that he hated some of them and then left.

Dave Chappelle didn’t have a meltdown last night. He didn’t freak out and he isn’t returning to Africa. He’s just tired of people talking during his routine.

What do you think of the Hartford concert? Do you think Chappelle is ready for his highly anticipated return?

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