Should the Charlotte Bobcats trade for Melo?

On the surface bringing a guy like Carmelo Anthony to the Charlotte Bobcats of course sounds like a good idea. The Denver Nuggets are looking to get something for him before he leaves when his contract runs out, and the Bobcats could use a good shaking up as they have been treading water for quite sometime. Of course Charlotte, North Carolina is not exactly the place where Carmelo will get the things he wants out of a new team, but maybe just maybe this could work out.

If Bobcats owner, Michael Jordan, could convince Carmelo to stay with the team long term maybe the team could also attract other free agents and build something special in the short term, while proving to other free agents that they are players and it is ok to sign with them. It is a strategy the Detroit Tigers used after years of losing and it worked fairly well.

Of course the NBA is the ultimate me first league, and Carmelo wants to be the man on a big market NBA team, he wants fame and stardom and the endorsement dollars that come along with those things. Charlotte is not a big market, and Carmelo would also like the ability for his new team to win now, and the Bobcats are not that.

On top of all that the Bobcats would likely have to give up Gerald Wallace, Boris Diaw, and another player to get Carmelo. Since they do not have a first round draft pick they can trade in 2011, after trading one last year. They would also be dead in the water without Wallace, and Carmelo is not good enough to make up all of that.

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