New York Jets prove they are classless bums

In Sunday’s contest between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins they unthinkable happened. A New York Jets coach, alter identified as Strength and Conditioning coach Sal Alosi tripped Dolphin Nolan Campbell just off the field of play. There are no words for this kind of misconduct. Alosi should be fired immediately by the Jets, and failing that the NFL should lower the boom on him and the team for not reacting to this quickly enough.

I will put to all of you like this, I have gone to a lot of football games at every level, from the NFL down to Semi Pro men’s and women’s games and I have never seen such unprofessional conduct by someone who should really know better. Of course when you work for Rex Ryan, maybe you think you can get away with anything.

This was a classless act, and it was made on live TV and even though the referees missed it at the time, the NFL has to step in and do the right thing. In my mind Alosi should be fired and banned from the NFL if not for life for up to five years. People on the sidelines cannot interfere with the natural course of the game, and the most severe of punishments needs to be handed out. Let us not forget if a spectator had done this they would have been arrested.

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