‘Dracula’ Could Be Co-Financed By Legendary After Deal With Universal

Dracula, starring Welsh actor Luke Evans (Immortals, Fast And Furious 6) could be one of the first films to be co-financed by Legendary Entertainment in a new deal with Universal Studios.

Legendary has signed a five-year co-financing and distribution deal with Universal Studios. Now the speculation as to what projects they will fund begins.

The deal has Legendary committing up to $350 million a year to make movies with Universal and the first name that has been thrown out there is Dracula.

Gary Shore directs the film, which is being shot in Northern Ireland as you read. This is an origins story, different than what we are used to seeing from the “Prince of Darkness”.

With elements of Brian Stroker’s original novel as part of the plot and the real life story of Prince Vlad, who became the daddy of all vampires after selling his soul to save his family, this is a completely new take on the iconic character.

But Dracula is not the only possible recipient of the new millions Legendary will be investing in Universal. According to several reports from Variety and others in the know, Thomas Tull, Legendary’s chief is also interested in funding Jurassic Park 4.

Legendary would be keeping its reputation with fans of the genre if the rumors are accurate.

Jurassic Park 4 is scheduled to begin production next year and before you think it, the Fast And Furious franchise is reportedly excluded from the deal between the two studios, according to Variety’s sources.

Unnamed sources, who wish to remain anonymous, the Legendary-Universal deal would bring in $275 million on the first two years and $350 million for the three remaining years.

According to reports Legendary’s Tull moved his millions from Warner Bros. to Universal after tensions arose with executives who were not allowing him to have the creative control he wanted in projects such as The Dark Knight franchise and Man Of Steel. Now it appears that Dracula will benefit from the new deal.

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