Pressy Smartphones’ Answer To Swipe Fatigue

A new device called “Pressy” for smartphones aims to make the conveniences of a multi-tasking device a bit more convenient, adding a physical button via the headphone jack to allow users a bit more control over how their device works.

The Pressy smartphones angle stems from the double-edged sword of swiping functionality. On one hand, swiping eliminates or enables actions depending on what you’re trying to do.

On the other, swiping can be a beast if you’re walking, driving, or otherwise engaged. Plus, many of us are trained up on years of iPhone usage before making the Android switch — and I know for me, five months in, my phone still gets into these weird little fits where I’ve swiped my way in or out of a desired action inadvertently. Generally while I’m one-handing the thing and in a rush.

Trying to snap a shot with your Android handset when time is of the essence? Pressy handles it, adding simple click to snap functionality that doesn’t require swiping to unlock, swiping to open, swiping to select a mode.

Need a light? Pressy can’t (yet) spark up your cig, but it will launch flashlight functionality. Dropping a pin location? Pressy does that too, which we imagine can be handy while driving.

Pressy smartphones’ actions also include checking into social media, recording a call (sweet for writers and backstabbers), toggling Wifi, and if you’re lost and draining battery, killing all running apps so you don’t have to do it by hand.

Of course, there’s a catch. Pressy isn’t a standard new release but rather a Kickstarter project with a massive groundswell of support.

You can pledge to pre-order Pressy for your Android device, with options like color buttons, keychains and t-shirts at different contribution levels. Pledge a grand and Pressy will even add API functionality for your own app.

Pressy smartphones won’t be in the wild until March, but you can head over to Kickstarter to claim one early.

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