Sony unveils official PlayStation Move machine gun

Say hello to my PlayStation Move’s little friend. This is the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter, an official Sony product that will be competing against the likes of the PlayStation Move ray gun when it’s released in February.

At $40, this plastic housing for your Move controller is almost as costly as another Move controller. While this is obviously redundant crap like 99% of controller shells, I do love how its GRAY MILITARY SERIOUSNESS is completely undermined by the Move’s bulbous light-up ball sticking out of the muzzle like a comedy nose.

The Sharp Shooter also features an adjustable shoulder stock, supposedly realistic pump action, a digital trigger, and a firing mode selector, whatever the hell that last one means. I guess Sony are hoping to tempt a few Killzone 3 fans to cough up when the game releases in February 2011 with Move compatibility.

Me? I’ll be sticking to the new jungle green DualShock 3, which is also due to launch alongside Killzone 3:

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[Via press release]

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