Justin Bieber: ‘I Think Drugs Are Involved’ Says Boy George, Includes Rihanna

Justin Bieber’s legal troubles and a laundry list of incidents both on and off his Believe world tour have been commented on by numerous celebrities, media, and the public.

Now, Boy George, the British ex-frontman with 80’s band Culture Club has added his opinion to the mix.

The 52-year-old former cocaine and heroin addict is totally convinced drugs are behind the seemingly erratic behavior of both Bieber and Rihanna, and says he is concerned about them and their fans.

“I think drugs are involved with Justin Bieber,” he bluntly tells the UK’s Daily Star.

He added: “I look at Justin and think you’re gonna learn that all of this is such a waste of time. It’s so difficult to do all your learning in public, though I’m surprised young celebrities aren’t taken more care of.”

George continued: “But if you’re controlling someone, you’re probably gonna drive them towards more disruptive behavior.”

“Being such a major f**k-up I know how wilful I was, I know how hard it is for anyone to stop you, particularly when you’re famous and people are employed by you.”

“If someone stands up to you as a celebrity, what you gonna do, fire them? Probably,” he muses.

Boy George — a self-declared cross-dresser, who once topped the charts with massive hits such as “Do you really want to hurt me?,””Karma Chameleon,” and “Church of the Poison Mind” — has sold over 50 million albums.

Today, a world-famous DJ, author and fashion designer, he also turned his attention to Rihanna.

Describing the Bajan star’s habit of posting semi-clad and nude pictures of herself on her social media accounts as well as her overt depictions of cannabis usage, as a “real problem,” he added:

“When you have no boundaries with yourself and you’re prepared to break the law on Twitter, that’s kinda scary.”

George went on: “What you do in your own time and what you do that influences fans are very different. Of course if you’re a f**k-up, people will see you’re a f**k-up, but I don’t think you should celebrate it.”

While the “Diamonds” songstress has made no secret about her blatant drug use, Bieber apologized on Saturday Night Live in February after online photos surfaced showing him smoking a blunt with his friend and rapper Lil Twist in a Newport Beach hotel room. The pop star vowed he would not smoke cannabis again.

Since then, two police searches for drugs on tour buses used on Justin’s continuing Believe world tour yielded small amounts of marijuana, a stun gun, and drug paraphernalia. On both occasions, the “Baby” singer was not present during the raids and he was not charged.

More recently, a police drug squad searched Bieber and his crew’s luggage at Ft. Lauderdale airport in Florida when they flew in for Jay Z and Justin Timberlake’s last hurrah Legends of the Summer show at Miami’s Sun Life stadium. The group’s baggage was reportedly searched on the basis of an anonymous tip.

However, no drugs were found and Bieber and his party were allowed to proceed on their journey.

[Images via Entertainment Tonight and Soul Culture]

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