CVS Receipts As Long As Your Leg May Go ‘So Long’ Early Next Year

CVS receipts have been the target of Twitter mockery for quite some time. In case you’re late to the party, the pharmacy chain seems to operate on a whackadoo model where it marks up all the prices so you think you’re getting a deal when you buy something with a coupon.

And the coupons in question are frequently found on the receipt from a previous purchase. It doesn’t matter much what you bought the first time. No matter how small the purchase, you’re likely to get back a lengthy receipt overloaded with sales pitches and ridiculous coupons.

Who needs it? Life is too short. I simply skip CVS altogether. There’s a drugstore on every corner. I don’t need to use the one that wants me to do paperwork to buy something.

But some people have a different approach. Or maybe they only have one drugstore in their town. Who knows? In any case, there’s a growing movement of people posting photos of their ridiculous CVS receipts on Twitter and Instagram.

I’ve rounded up a few at the bottom of this post. And there are many, many more CVS receipts photos posted on Fast Company‘s website.

Apparently CVS finally got sick of the jokes. On Friday they announced on their Facebook page that their receipts will be getting 25 percent shorter. By early next year, the company will send virtual coupons to the customer’s ExtraCare card.

That will probably satisfy the people who just want to save paper. Those of us who don’t want to hassle with either paper or digital coupons will have to keep grumbling, I guess.

Anyhoo, here’s an example from Instagram of a CVS receipt as long as the young lady’s leg. “I bought a water & almonds,” frustrated Instagram user WendyHaskell explained.

CVS receipt as long as Instagram user WendyHaskell’s leg

Here’s some of the boos and hisses from Twitter:

Here’s the apology from CVS. Of course, the tree-killin’ paper-wasters blame it all on their desire to somehow save us money.

[CVS receipt top photo credit: mrjerz via photopin cc]

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