Paz De La Huerta Wants Back On ‘Boardwalk Empire’

Actress Paz de la Huerta really wants back on Boardwalk Empire, the HBO prohibition crime drama that made her a household name.

“I had a great experience on ‘Boardwalk Empire,'” de la Huerta told FOX411 at a signing for her new book. “I’m still close with the producers. Terry [Terence Winter] always says it’s possible for me to come back.”

Of course, this contradicts the popular gossip that de la Huerta was actually fired from Boardwalk Empire thanks to her public persona, which was until recently replete with boozy antics, uncensored interviews, and a penchant for disrobing in public.

Her character, the promiscuous Lucy Danziger, was last seen at the end of Season 2 going out for formula for her baby with Michael Shannon’s Nelson Van Alden and never returning. HBO did not renew her contract and didn’t offer a reason, either. This caused many to speculate that she was fired.

But it looks like de la Huerta has been trying to turn her life around lately, and even admits to a dark spell not too long ago.

“I went through a very difficult time in my life,” de la Huerta admitted.

“This [her book, The Birds Didn’t Die Over The Winter] was my salvation. I couldn’t really get out of bed, and as an artist, we have to take whatever is going on in our lives and use it to make art. I had come out of a horrible relationship, and I had to make something of the heartbreak and the dark place I was in.”

Just in case HBO execs are listening, Paz de la Huerta has some recommendations for bringing her character to Boardwalk Empire. “I would love to come back with Lucy as a loving, doting mother,” she said.

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