A true killer extension for Chrome – Cortex

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not given to calling anything killer this or killer that. In fact I have called out more than a few people when it comes to them claiming that some app, or business, is a killer app or that app A is going to kill app B. So when I call something a killer app or extension I would like to think that it is pretty damn cool and useful instead of just another bucket of hype.

Such is the case with a new extension for the Chrome browser called Cortex.

So what is Cortex?

Simple answer is that it is one of the most simplest ways to share web content with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper and Tumblr (with more to come). Now before you start going off about there being all kinds of ways to share content let me just say that none of them are as elegant and simple as Cortex.

Here’s a video from the team behind the extension to help explain it better than I can.

The only wish I would have if for Cortex to support multiple Twitter accounts but for now I loving this great extension for Chrome.

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