Secret Coast Guard Report Says Olivia Newton John’s Missing Boyfriend Drowned

There are reports that AAP has obtained a copy of a Coast Guard Repot in which US Coast Guard investigators came to the conclusion that Olivia Newton-John’s ex-boyfriend, Patrick McDermott, more than likely drowned at sea.

The Coast Guard report, which has not been made public until now, also determined McDermott could have survived in the ocean for 14 hours. This means that had the crew of the fishing vessel Freedom, bothered to notice he was missing, sometime that day, or even the next he may have been rescued.

The Coast Guard had refused to provide details of its investigation into the disappearance of McDermott, a Los Angeles cameraman, who dated Australian songstress and actress Newton-John for nine years before he went missing.

“The evidence suggests McDermott was lost at sea,” the Coast Guard report concludes.

“The Coast Guard Operations Centre’s survivability analysis determined McDermott could have survived up to 14 hours under the weather conditions at that time.”

“Likewise, if the crew members of the vessel Freedom had discovered McDermott missing upon their return to port they could have notified the Coast Guard, activating search and rescue.”

Shocking stuff.

McDermott’s disappearance created international news in 2005, with sightings of the 48-year-old reported in Mexico and Europe. The people behind the Find Patrick McDermott website, last updated in June still believes that he is alive.

Over the past 20 months there have been 16 sightings of Patrick in Mexico. Some have been credible and others have not.

Klein Investigations and Consulting of Nederland, Texas has been asked by our clients to locate Patrick and/or to bring the story of Patrick McDermott to a close once and for all.

We are making a plea to the public for any and all leads or witnesses that may have any information regarding Patrick.

The site claims that after interviewing more than 30 witnesses and the crew of the freedom that they have come to the conlcusion that Mcdermott is still alive. Maybe they and the Coast Guard didn’t interview the same people, who knows.

The following is a narrative of the last known 24 hours of Patrick McDermott upon his arrival on the Freedom on June 30, 2005. The information is based upon facts through legal documents, investigators interviews with over 30 friends and witnesses to the day of the disappearance. Investigators have combed through mounds of legal documents and have interviewed those on the boat named Freedom as well as friends, neighbors and co-workers. To that end it is our belief that Patrick Kim McDermott was alive when he left that fishing charter and is alive today.
Today we ask you to help us find Mr. McDermott and send your tips and information to if you have any information on the whereabouts of Mr. McDermott.

Its a sad story, unless he is sunning his bum in Mexico, in which case shame on you Patrick McDermott.

Olivia Newton-John, who dated McDermott for more than nine years, broke up with him not long before the ill fated fishing trip raising the possibility of suicide. The Find Patrick McDermott site says about the break up “some claim they broke up.”

Either way Olivia Newton John has moved on marrying health nut guru John Easterling in June this year in Peru.

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