Time Warner Cable Vs. CBS: FCC Attempts To End Standoff

Since Time Warner Cable and CBS have yet to reach an agreement, the FCC is hoping it can help pressure both sides into making some sort of deal.

However, the Federal Communications Commission admits that it doesn’t really have that much power over blackouts. In order to get both parities to reach some sort of agreement, a spokesman said the agency intends to use its powers of persuasion to end the standoff.

Time Warner Cable’s blackout of CBS TV and its networks is rapidly approaching the one month mark. Although analysts believe everything will be sorted about before football season begins, this does little to soothe the frayed nerves of the nearly three million people affected by the situation.

“The commission is engaged at the highest levels with the respective parties and working to bring the impasse to an end for consumers and viewers in the affected markets. Our primary concern remains with consumers and viewers, and we are disappointed that the respective parties have yet to reach a retransmission agreement,” an FCC rep said in a statement on Tuesday (August 27).

The release continued, “We urge all parties to resolve this matter as quickly as possible so consumers can access the programming they rely on and are paying for.”

Those who are affected by the blackout are having a hard time watching their favorite show. Fans of The Big Bang Theory and Showtime’s Dexter may have to resort to illegal means to get the latest episodes.

Time Warner’s dispute with CBS has even stretched to Hulu. Subscribers to the cable provider’s internet service are currently blocked from accessing any CBS-related material on the website. Even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, Dallas, or New York, you’re probably affected by the blackout as well.

If you’re just now learning about the situation, here’s the basics: Time Warner Cable thinks CBS is charging way too much for their content. CBS, meanwhile, believes the company wants the same deal they struck back in 2008. The broadcaster also claims TWC is preventing them from making deals with the likes of Netflix and Amazon. Neither party has backed down as of this writing.

What do you think about the conflict between Time Warner and CBS? Do you believe the FCC will help resolve the matter anytime soon?

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