Vladimir Putin In Women’s Underwear Painting Seized By Russian Police

Russian officers have seized a painting that depicts Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev in women’s underwear, which had been hanging in a gallery in St. Petersburg.

Police stated that the image, which was a satirical piece, had broken numerous unspecified laws.

According to the gallery’s staff, the establishment was also the home to a picture that showed the head of the Russian Orthodox church, covered in tattoos, and another two pictures that made fun of MPs that backed a legislation which banned allegedly gay propaganda. All of which have now been removed.

Officers in the country have since confirmed that they received reports that illegal images were in the gallery, and then took paintings from the Museum of Power, which is based in two rooms of a flat, on Monday evening.

They haven’t provided any further information; however, Russia does posses a law which stops residents insulting authorities. Those found guilty of the crime could serve up to one year in prison.

It has been reported that one painting showed Putin wearing a tight-fitting slip while he brushed the hair of the prime minister, Medvedev, who himself was wearing a bra and a pair of knickers.

Vitaly Mironov, the St Petersburg deputy, has confirmed that the paintings were inappropriate and “of a distinctly pornographic character.” Mironov was himself the victim of one of the images, which showed his face mixed with a rainbow flag, which has symbolised the gay rights movement.

Alexander Donskoy, the owner of the Museum of Power’s controversial gallery, confirmed that police had also closed his building, plus they failed to give him any reason as to why his paintings were removed.

Donskoy remarked, “This is an [illegal] seizure. We have been given no formal documents banning us from operating and no receipt confirming our petty cash was seized.”

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