Starbucks Coffee Same As Walmart Coffee In Blind Taste Test

Starbucks coffee is just as good as Walmart coffee, according to a recent blind taste test.

Sometimes a store brand is just as good if not better than a brand name when it comes to food products, and a recent blind taste test has proven it. Oftentimes, the store brand is the exact same thing, but some small detail was missed and the manufacturer didn’t want to take the loss, so they let the retailer sell it under their home brand. That small detail is really the only difference, and you never notice.

It should be noted that Walmart did not organize this taste test, as Great Value 100 percent Columbia coffee turned out tasting just as good as that of a name brand costing over twice as much.

The blind taste test was conducted at Consumer Reports, a renowned research company that points out the best deals based on consumer feedback and gives a breakdown according to price. Following their suggestions doesn’t always net you the most advanced or best tasting products, but it will certainly narrow down what works best for what you can afford.

Now that you’re aware that the blind taste test between Walmart and Starbucks coffee didn’t favor either one, you can draw your own conclusion.

In fact, you might be surprised to know that filters often take out the flavor … at least the single-serving K-Cups and their pod brewers do. You might think you’re saving money by buying them that way, but dollar for dollar, it’s about the same as heading to Starbucks for the same thing.

As many would-be coffee connoisseurs may have discovered, you actually get more flavor from your home-brewed cup of joe if you just grind your own. Salt and pepper tend to be the same way as well, proving to taste better for the money if you just buy the grinder and do the work yourself.

In the end, Consumer Reports tells us that not only does Starbucks coffee taste the same as the Walmart brand, but you get more flavor if you grind your own.

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