Lil’ Kim Unrecognizable At VMAs

Fans are saying Lil’ Kim was “unrecognizable” after last night’s VMAs, and the star has been repeatedly on the receiving end of criticism that she’s gone under the knife extensively in recent years.

The headline “Lil’ Kim Unrecognizable” is so perennial at this point, we have to ask… when was the last time you’ve seen Kim? The rap queen indeed looks a bit different from her days by Biggie’s side, but girlfriend has been on top for more than 20 years. People age, everyone.

Lil’ Kim’s “unrecognizable” appearance always seems to make headlines as if the hip-hop headliner suddenly looks totally different. In fact, the Lil’ Kim plastic surgery rumors date back many years, and it appears she may have had a one time bit of work on her eyes and/or nose — which isn’t uncommon for celebrities to do.

Yahoo commented on the latest chatter, saying:

“Hip-hop’s Queen Bee has changed her looks quite a bit over the years, most noticeably her face. Her cheeks and lips appear much fuller, and her eyes tighter… Though she hasn’t copped to having any plastic surgery in the press, she looks drastically different from 1999 when she made her most memorable VMA appearance to date.”

I think at this point we can stop saying Lil’ Kim is “unrecognizable.” She’s looked the same for years, and women get older and sometimes get work done.

The fact remains that whether Lil’ Kim looks different (from when she was up and coming and 20 years younger) or not, she’s still one of the most talented and influential female rappers in modern hip-hop and her appearance should come second to her talent.

Did you think Lil’ Kim was unrecognizable at the VMAs last night?

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