Flix on Stix- like Redbox, but with USB drives

Even if you’re a techy person, sometimes you just have those moments where you’re like, “OMG, we’re living in the future!”

I assume one of those moments will be when you go to 7-11 for some blunt wraps and a rotating egg roll and see someone pull off R2D2’s head to stick it in a kiosk and download a movie rental. Though the consumer market already has movies right this second with Netflix streaming, and all night disc dispensing with Redbox kiosks, another company is looking to add another option to the movie rental and purchase arena- thumb drive rentals.

Flix on Stix will offer the service through kiosks similar to Netflix, and is reported to be coming to a convenience or drugstore near you in the next three months or so. Although the general concept is understood- insert USB drive and money, get movie that automatically self destructs after a short time- there are a few questions that the types of people advanced enough to appreciate such a service will need to know before they start sticking. TFTS asks:

…there’s a lot yet to be discussed: do they have any kind of content, or studio support? What kind of security is on these movies (a word that is no doubt being discussed before the studio support shows up)? What does the video content look like? And how long is a file transfer going to take, anyway? Sure, if we’re all using USB 3.0 it’s a lot different (word is transfers with a 3.0 will take only 14 seconds while a 1.0 will take fully six minutes), but still–most people likely don’t have a USB 3.0 drive or slot for one at their houses.

If the service offers an array of titles similar to Netflix’s streaming titles, it could take off. (Especially since not everyone owns a Wii/PS3 or likes watching movies on a laptop.) A clear advantage over Redbox or Netflix disc plans is the lack of action needed after consuming the media- not having to drive back to the kiosk or painstakingly repack the disc and walk all the way to the mailbox is a definite plus.

Would you use this service when it rolls out? Is there a place in the rental market for Flix on Stix?

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