Lady Gaga Confirms Collaboration With Too Short

Lady Gaga confirmed her collaboration with Too Short during the MTV Video Music Awards.

The singer recently dished about her work with the rapper during a quick chat with MTV’s Sway Calloway on the red carpet. Although she stopped short of revealing any details about their collaboration, she said their work would appear on her upcoming album ARTPOP.

Although Lady Gaga may not be ready or willing to share details about her collaboration with Too Short, apparently the rapper doesn’t have any problems with it. He recently discussed his work with the pop singer during a chat with the folks at MTV News.

Too Short revealed that he’s been working with Gaga’s producer DJ White Shadow on an upcoming album of house music. It was through this connection that the rapper learned the “Applause” singer was looking for someone to help out on one of her tracks.

“He’s been pretty busy, doing his thing around the world and he got back at me a little while ago and said, ‘There’s a song that Lady Gaga’s doing that possibly they would want to get you on, so I said, s*** I’m down with it!'” the rapper explained to the website.

The rapper said his phone was flooded with calls as soon as Lady Gaga dropped his name at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. Too Short said he’d been keeping his collaboration with the singer a secret.

“I’ve been taking it in stride, man. I’m not the kind of person who goes around bragging to everybody, ‘I did a song with Lady Gaga!’ But it happened and it’s been a few weeks since we did it and I’m glad it’s coming to surface now and I can actually talk about it,” he explained.

Fans of Lady Gaga and Too Short can check out the track when ARTPOP hits retail later this year. The album should arrive on November 11.

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