Miley Cyrus Shocks Jaden, Willow And Will Smith At VMAs [Reaction Photo]

Miley Cyrus got a lot of people talking last night with her raunchy performance at the VMAs on MTV. Will Smith and his kids Jaden and Willow would have probably joined in on the conversation but they were too shocked by what they were seeing to say anything.

A photo of the Smith family sitting at the VMAs went viral this morning as people speculate what’s going on inside Will, Jaden, and Willows’ heads.

“What the hell am I watching?” “Is she really wearing a onesie?” “Is Hannah Montana twerking on Robin Thicke?”

Jaden, Willow and Will Smith weren’t the only ones who were confused by Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance. Twitter lit up last night with comments about the former Disney star’s risque routine on MTV.

One user writes: “Miley Cyrus completely embarrassing herself at the #VMA awards. Jesus have some self respect, there’s called being sexy, then just darn ugly.”

Another added: “I really want to go to sleep but I’m really worried Miley Cyrus might be hiding in my closet.”

You could scroll through Twitter to find thousands of other comments about Miley Cyrus but if you really want to know what people thought about her performance at the VMAs, just check out the photo below.

It’s unclear when exactly Will and his kids struck that ridiculous pose but it may have come somewhere around this point.

Some people have pointed out that Will Smith and his family may have been reacting to Lady Gaga’s performance. Gaga, per usual, managed to shock the audience last night by not wearing pants.

Regardless, the Smith family was not entertained by what was going on on stage.

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