‘Jersey Shore’ Star Announces Singing Career [Video]

Former Jersey Shore star Deena is ready to get her post-reality television career underway.

As the cast of the popular series come to terms with post-MTV life, many of them have embarked on successful careers in the entertainment industry. Not one to sit idly by while her co-stars make all the money, Deena recently announced that she’s ready to become a singer.

Instead of releasing this information through a website like Us Weekly, E! Online, or the like, the former Jersey Shore star decided to break the news to her fans with a new YouTube video. You can find the clip embedded above this article.

“I know a lot of people look at me as just a one-dimensional TV character. It took me a little bit to, kind of, push myself to do it, because I was a little bit nervous about what everyone else was gonna think,” she explains in the video.

Deena added, “Finally, I got the courage to just do it. I’m just doing it for myself.”

Unfortunately, it’s unclear when fans will be able to get a hold of the budding singer’s work. While it’s obvious that he’s interested in pursuing a new career, neither a single nor an album have been announced at the moment.

“So excited to finally share what I’ve been working on. This is just the first step. Stay tuned for my songs coming out very soon,” she wrote on YouTube.

Deena joined the Jersey Shore cast during season three. She didn’t seem to have any problems fitting in with the rest of the gang. Over the past few years, she released a handful of videos that allowed her to show off her vocal abilities.

Are you a fan of Jersey Shore alum Deena? What do you think about the former reality TV star embarking on a singing career?

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