Katy Perry Closes VMAs With A ‘Roar’ Under The Brooklyn Bridge

Katy Perry closed Sunday Night’s VMAs by performing her new single, “Roar,” under the Brooklyn Bridge. The singer didn’t need fireworks for the performance, her spunk was enough to get the crowd moving.

As in the past, MTV tried to keep the first and last performers — and their locations — under wraps until the night of the VMAs. However, Katy’s location was given up through rumors before Sunday night came around.

But knowing what would happen didn’t detract from her performance. People notes that Perry stuck with the theme of her song, giving her first live performance of “Roar” on a stage set up to look like a boxing ring.

Dressed in an animal-print sports bra, boxing shorts, gold shoes, and sequined gloves, Katy Perry prepared for her fight with the aid of a trainer and several backup dancers in sweats.

“Roar” is the first track off Katy’s new album, “Prism,” which is due out on October 22. The singer also appeared in an animal-print dress on the red carpet, donning a grill with the word “ROAR” emblazoned on it.

Us Magazine notes that “Roar” is the best-selling single of Katy Perry’s career. More than 555,000 people have downloaded the track in the first week of its release. It easily outpaced Lady Gaga’s new single, “Applause,” which has seen 218,000 downloads in the same week.

Gaga opened the VMAs with her new single and the performance included several costume changes, including the wig and sequined jacket from “Poker Face.” But despite the attempt, Gaga’s performance wasn’t as crazy as Miley Cyrus, who took the stage alongside several dancers wearing teddy bear costumes.

Also included in the show were Macklemore and Justin Timberlake, along with a surprise cameo from ‘N Sync. Their appearance was considered one of the worst-kept secrets of the VMAs.

If Katy Perry’s performance of “Roar” is anything to go by, her new album won’t disappoint. You can check out Katy’s performance of her new single here.

[Image via Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com]

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