Google Finally Cracks Down On Spam Blogs Who Use Adsense

Google has decided to take a stand against pirated material online, including thousands of spam blogs who use Adsense to monetize their reposted content.

The move against spam blogs is part of a broader attempt by Google to crack down of pirated content online, including acting on copyright takedown requests within 24 hours, preventing terms “closely associated with piracy” from appearing in autocomplete, and improving AdSense’s anti-piracy review.

As usual, the move has been condemned as not going far enough by the music industry, but will be welcomed by bloggers who regularly see their content republished.

So far, Google has all but ignored complaints about spam blogs using Adsense to monetize content, and the ad platform remains the most popular form of advertising on these blogs. The improved DMCA system will also allow bloggers to get their content taken down from Blogger blogs, still one of the most popular hosting options for spam bloggers.

For details on the Google Public Policy blog here.

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