2010 Florida Marlins season in review

With an 80-82 record the Florida Marlins finished in third place in the National League East. Sure this might be everyone’s favorite team to hate, with the worst owner but on the field they are not that bad. They went 37-35 against their divisional opponents, and that includes a 5-13 record against the Philadelphia Phillies. They also went 7-8 in inter league play which is actually good for a NL club. They spent one day with a share of first place, but before the off season moves they felt like a better than average MLB team.

The Marlins offense scored 719 runs, which was 7th best among the 16 NL teams. Their team batting average was just .245, and only disgruntled Hanley Ramirez hit .300 for the season. They racked up 152 home runs on 1,403 hits. Their batters struck out just 1,375 times, second least in the NL, and they drew 514 walks.

When we first look at the numbers the pitching staff also looks to be a tad above average, but they did have a 4.09 ERA and the was the 9th highest in the senior league. Four of their five regular starters had double digit victories and finished with a winning record. However they only struck out 1,168 batters, and walked just 549. That seems to suggest that they throw strikes that opponents are putting into play. Behind the pitching staff the defense may be an issue.

Now Dan Uggla is gone, and this team looks for answers. They have added Javier Vazquez to the starting rotation for one year, and owner Jeff Loria promises more moves. If they make the right moves they sit in a winnable division, but these are the Marlins after all.

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