NFL Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

Ah the week that was, and the week that will be. It seems each week the really good teams win, the really bad teams lose, and injuries are hurting everyone. The teams that are falling are falling because they have key injuries, and that is not a great endorsement of the 18 game regular season. With that said here is my week 13 NFL power rankings:

  1. Falcons (even from last week)- They keep on winning
  2. Patriots (even)- A good team that must beat the Jets
  3. Ravens (even)- won four of five
  4. Jets (+1)- They are also in a must win situation
  5. Packers (-1)- sit a game behind in the NFC North
  6. Saints (even)- playing for a home playoff game
  7. Bears (+5)- it looks they are for real
  8. Chargers (+3)- Best offense, and best defense
  9. Steelers (-2)- an almost disaster in against the Bills
  10. Eagles (-2)- the offense is cooled a bit
  11. Colts (-2)- are they really 6-5?
  12. Chiefs (+2)- Cassel has thrown 18 TD and 1 pick in last seven games
  13. Giants (-2)- injuries are hurting them
  14. Buccaneers (-1)- no wins versus teams with winning records
  15. Jaguars (even)- this is a statement game against the Texans
  16. Dolphins (+1)- Henne comes back, and they need a December rally
  17. Vikings (+8)- feels like a new season
  18. Rams (+3)- still hanging on in first place
  19. Texans (+5)- they need a better pass defense
  20. Browns (+2)- they still won
  21. Cowboys (-1)- Jason Garrett has them playing well
  22. Redskins (-4)- Ryan Torian is essential to their offense
  23. Raiders (-7)- no more optimism here
  24. Seahawks (-1)- even at 5-6 they sit with a share of first
  25. 49ers (+2)- rebounding from a 0-5 start
  26. Titans (-7)- this team is imploding
  27. Broncos (-1)- losses continue to mount
  28. Bills (+3)- sure lots of losses, but close losses
  29. Cardinals (-1)- on a six game skid
  30. Bengals (-1)- on a eight game skid
  31. Lions (-1)- how does a 2-9 team sell improvement
  32. Panthers (even)- just that one win
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