New App Will Be Your Sex Spirit Guide

Do you need a sex spirit guide? Well if you do, this new app is for you. Pure is a new app that promotes a no-strings-attached experience on an iOS service, that resembles an encounter one might make on Craigslist, without the fatal result in the end.

A hook-up app, Pure let’s you browse your prospects and what exactly each user is looking for in a hook up. Pure is just one of several dating apps that offer this kind of between the sheets services. Another that’s getting a bit of talk is Tinder.

So how does it work? Pure let’s you pick other clients based on tailored desires. Some of the specifics asked when you sign up is your location, gender, and what you look for in a possible hook up. While it may be too forward for some, others may need it after signing up for other broad dating sites. This hook up app is as niche as they come.

The CEO, Sidorenko opened up to Mashable about Pure’s intention:

“In our twenties, we realized the traditional monogamy fairytale wasn’t really working for us. Monogamy isn’t the only way to achieve happiness — we believe it’s outdated.”

Though this app doesn’t appeal to everyone, especially those who have high moral standards. Talia Goldstein, founder of Three Day Rule, counters that this service is a huge turn-off. Upon viewing the teaser video for the app, she said: “Apps like these make it way to easy for people to cheat.”

She isn’t the only naysayer. Jessica Drake, who’s a past adult actress is leery about the app’s strategy given that it lacks the main component out of any relationship; platonic or not — it lacks communication.

“If we are relying strictly on technology to arrange things for us, but we don’t take into account the range of emotions that can accidentally come into play with no warning, I foresee problems.”

It’s obvious that Pure isn’t an app for everyone, but there’s still the option of dating sites for clients who are interested in making meaningful connections. Still, it begs the question if the market is big enough for this app. Do you think this niche app will be successful?

Check out the NSFW ad for Pure:

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