Tamar Braxton And K.Michelle Still Fighting, Over A Wig

Tamar Braxton and K.Michelle don’t really like each other… or so we have read.

The latter hasn’t been shy about Tamar Braxton not being invited to her best friends’ pizza party, but the feud took a turn when some snarkalicious tweets from Tamar prompted a way public verbal diss from K.Michelle.

The latest Tamar Braxton and K.Michelle twist seems to have erupted over, of all things, a wig.

K.Michelle was talking to Power 99 in Philly, saying that she had been on 106 & Park when Braxton lashed out on Twitter.

The singer says Tamar made reference to her hair and angered her, prompting K.Michelle to put Braxton on blast on the radio.

She shot back:

“Out of nowhere, Tamuppet attacked… I don’t have no problem, but I guess it’s very depressing to be a 40-year-old muppet still trying to shake and make it.”

K.Michelle adds:

“It’s a wig. You’re 40 fighting over a wig?”

The singer went on, saying she has no idea what Braxton’s problem is — and that she’s even complimented Tamar recently:

“I wasn’t doing anything, I was working. I have actually even said good things, I like ‘Love and War.’ I like the record,… I’ve been saying really positive things about this woman, and she just can not take it. She can not take all of me and that’s really what it is.”

But her next comment about Braxton wasn’t really… positive would definitely not be the word for how she describes the genesis of their rivalry:

“We did a performance together and she was supposed to be the headliner, but I wound up being the headliner. That was a consensus of everybody… You can’t necessarily be the headliner when you’re lip-synching the whole show. That is what it is.”

Wanna see what Tamar Braxton says back? Keep an eye on her Twitter.

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