‘Pacific Rim’ Gets The ‘How It Should Have Ended’ Treatment [Video]

Pacific Rim has just gotten the “How It Should Have Ended” treatment.

The video series “How It Should Have Ended” takes popular movies and rethinks them to give them funnier endings, often giving fans a chance to see how much time the movie may have wasted. This time around, the video series has taken on the Guillermo del Toro film Pacific Rim.

The film Pacific Rim takes on the idea of alien monsters crawling from the ocean and threatening the very existence of mankind. In order to fight them off, we create a bunch of giant mechs operated by two people each, and as the movie advances, we find that our last stand is to take place near Tokyo, mirroring the Godzilla films.

The new “How It Should Have Ended” take on Pacific Rim begins with the usual intro short, where we see the rift in the ocean floor where the Kaijus came from. A voice-over reminds us:

“We always thought alien life would come from space. We were wrong. It came from the ocean, which is technically in space if you think about it … that’s not the important issue. Anyway, giant monsters came from the ocean, and started destroying everything in their path. After the UN apparently watched a ton of anime, they decided the only way to fight monsters was to build monsters of our own.”

We see a screen full of government officials all on separate screens. One of them says, “I say we nuke the Kaiju as soon as one is detected.”

Another one says, “I say we build a giant robots as big as Kaiju, so we can watch them fight.”

The whole bunch heartily agree with him, and then the voice-over returns, “So we built the robots, named them Jaegers, and now we’re all kinds of famous … you know, I could just keep going with this intro, but who really thinks a 20 minute lead-in to a title card makes sense?”

After the title card, we get a scene with a single Jaeger using its sword to cut the heads off the Kaijus as they come through the portal, and then the Power Rangers come along with a giant robot and vacuum up the dead aliens. A third alien comes through, the strongest one yet, and Voltron comes along and cuts it up before it even has a chance.

The video of Pacific Rim getting the “How It Should Have Ended” treatment is above. Give us your impressions in the comments below.

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