Patrick Stewart Visits Twitter, Nerdy Excitement Ensues

In case you missed this news, Patrick Stewart has been granted access to board the Twitter HQs!

Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame is a God among the geek fandom. He currently has 569,701 followers on Twitter, and of those followers thousands tweet daily at him, channeling their inner nerd. Stewart made nerd history yesterday as he visited the Twitter headquarters.

Patrick Stewart isn’t the only celebrity to have visited the Twitter offices. Kanye West performed at the headquarters two years ago, and Ashton Kutcher has also been a face to see around the office.

So what happens when Patrick Stewart actually visits the office of Twitter? Well, hilarity and excitement both ensue. Yesterday Stewart tweeted:

“Delighted to have been invited to The Mothership–Twitter HQ @twoffice Thank you everyone of the hospitality.”

Proving to be an incredibly good sport, Stewart, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation for seven years, sat at the head of a conference room table and steered the Twitter office enterprise into action!

A worker at Twitter subsequently posted the video to Vine, and it’s since gone viral. Since the posting many fans and co-workers of Twitter have excitedly tweeted about Stewart’s minor reprise of his Star Trek character, as well as his time at the Twitter office.

Not only is Sir Patrick Stewart a fantastic sport, but he has used his celebrity for the greater good countless times. Most recently, he hugged a fan after she explained that his involvement with the domestic abuse organization Refuge, as well as his Amnesty International speech, helped her to come to terms with her own bout of abuse. The woman, known as LemonSweetie, said Stewart told her:

“You never have to go through that again, you’re safe now.”

Among his role on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Patrick Stewart is also known for his role in the X-Men films as Professor X, and his lengthy theater career.

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