‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes’ Gamescom 2013 Trailer Hits [Video]

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Gamescom 2013 trailer has hit.

The next generation consoles are getting only one Marvel Comics based launch game, so it’s probably a good thing it’s a LEGO title. LEGO games are notorious for adding a hint of parody and comedy to any story they take on, as if a blocky version of Wolverine wasn’t funny enough.

Unlike the movies, Marvel games aren’t limited to what characters they can use, so we will most likely see the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Avengers all in one game, making it an epic undertaking that hopefully the comic book fans won’t mind as it will probably make fun of those heroes as well. That’s just how LEGO games are.

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Gamescom 2013 trailer begins with LEGO asteroids passing in front of the developer logos and such. Then we see Silver Surfer approaching Earth from space, no doubt on his way to warn the planet of the coming of Galactus, the giant planet-eating monster who spared him in order to use him as a herald. He finds himself face to face with a military plane, which shoots him or something.

A bunch of silver bricks land in the desert and a bunch of men start loading it into a truck, and Dr. Doom announces, “With these cosmic bricks, the world will be mine to rule.”

Then we see some men working in a factory of sorts, followed by Doctor Octopus breaking through a wall, and other bad guy cameos, “I’ve hired every villain, bad guy, and dark minion I could find to help assemble Dr. Doom’s doom ray of doom.”

Then we see some aircraft as well as the Avengers carrier before Nick Fury tells us, “We’re facing a planetary catastrophe that may soon be unleashed by Dr. Doom. He must be stopped.”

The Avengers, Mr. Fantastic, and Spider-Man assemble as Captain America tells them all it’s time to get to work. A montage of action sequences include one where Hulk breaks through a wall and grabs Wolverine, at which point Iron Man points out, “He’s one of the good guys, even if he doesn’t smell like one.”

Give us your impressions of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Gamescom 2013 trailer above, in the comments below.

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