MRSA Outbreak Hits Buccaneers, Two Players Sick

MRSA has caused a problem for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with two players falling ill after contracting the transmissible and contagious drug resistant staph infection.

Due to the Bucs players’ MRSA infections, the facility was treated. Bucs Carl Nicks and Lawrence Tynes both contracted MRSA, with the latter undergoing surgery on an infected toe.

Bucs general manager Mark Dominik says as a precaution, the facility was “nuked” due to the players’ MRSA infections, telling ESPN:

“We had a company come in and nuke the building a week ago after the cultures taken from Nicks and Tynes confirmed it was MRSA… It was a precautionary move, but we didn’t want to fool with it. Our owners said spare no expense. We had the facility treated, and the league office approved of our actions.”

NFLPA executive director for external affairs George Atallah addressed the MRSA infection affecting the Bucs on Twitter, saying:

“We are aware of the health and safety issue in Tampa Bay and our Medical Director has been briefed… We are also looking into ensuring that the team met its obligation to inform the players of the situation in Tampa Bay.”

According to Fox Sports, MRSA is an issue with which the NFL has had to contend in the past, and the site explains that at least one player retired following a MRSA infection a few years back.

A lawsuit involving facility cleanliness and disclosure resulted, and Fox says:

“There were six documented cases involving Cleveland Browns players. The Browns settled lawsuits filed by two of them (center LeCharles Bentley and wide receiver Joe Jurevicius) who claimed the franchise misrepresented the cleanliness of its facility. Bentley, who was an elite-level offensive lineman, never played again after contracting MRSA in 2006.”

Both Bucs players are sidelined due to their MRSA battles.

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