Xbox One Racing Wheel: Mad Catz Announces New Controller

An Xbox One racing wheel is coming from Mad Catz.

Even though the Xbox One only has three racing games among its launch titles, that doesn’t mean that racing game fans won’t want more realistic controls for their games. The racing wheel has been a staple for racing games on every major console for those gamers craving that much more realism out of the experience, not content with just using the analogue stick to steer. Face it, it just feels more like the real thing when you have a wheel in your hand as you race, and an actual gas and brake pedal.

Mad Catz is hoping to fill the void for racing fans looking for that extra part of the experience, but they will need to shoot down the bad reputation they have earned for cheap controllers over the years. Rarely has a Mad Catz controller ever worked as well as a first-party version, never mind exceeded it in quality, but it has happened. Gamers using their Xbox One racing wheel aren’t going to be satisfied with something that gets hit a little too hard and suddenly stops working at all. Video games can be a highly competitive hobby, and the act of controller tossing out of frustration is actually commonplace.

The controller will be supposedly made with premium quality, so the Mad Catz Xbox One racing wheel might be one of the few controllers that evades the reputation that the manufacturer is known for, even featuring a removable wheel face that can be replaced or upgraded in the future.

Compatibility is another issue that the Mad Catz Xbox One racing wheel could face, as it is currently reported to support Forza Motorsport 5, but no other games have been confirmed. We can only hope that it will be made compatible with Need for Speed: Rivals and The Crew when it comes time for the launch of the Xbox One.

The final verdict on Mad Catz’s Xbox One racing wheel is still up in the air, but perhaps they’ve learned from their past mistakes.

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