Tiffany Darwish Afraid To Admit Relationship With Jordan Knight

You may remember Tiffany Darwish, the famous 80’s singer, now better known simply as Tiffany, for her classic hit “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

Tiffany spoke to Fox411’s Pop Tart column about the fact that back in the 80’s celebrities and singers couldn’t be as open about their relationships as they are today. Indeed, in this day and age, stars like Justin Bieber and Beyonce are only to pleased to wash their dirty laundry in public. She said that, back in the day, she was afraid to be open about her relationship with Jordan Knight:

“It wasn’t acceptable then because if you were a teen heartthrob, they wanted to see you be very available so I think we really had a harder time back then. I’m sure there is still some backlash when the younger teens start to date, but (for us) it was on the down-low,” continuing, “When people found out, the girls usually take the hit more because the guys have these die-hard girl fans, but it is a different situation when you have young teenage girls. I had girls that were all about my jean jackets and what type of perfume I was wearing, but a few years later when I was dating Jordan, they were scouring mad at me.”

Tiffany Darwish, who is now 41, continued to talk about the tragic fact that these days pop stars are more about corporate alliances than they are about finding and promoting real talent:

“It was one of the things that used to be on my rider when I would do my shows. I would always ask for a Klondike bar. It has great memories.””Partnering with brands seems to be very important nowadays, and those opportunities seem to be awesome when they come your way. I think before, in the ’80s, it was more about fashion and music videos and a lot of radio. Getting out there and the fans learning who you were and your music,” she said. “Now there are so many different avenues like social media, but it’s also cool as an artist to get the opportunity to step outside myself and show a different side of myself as a personality.”

The relative innocence of the 80’s seems to have been lost, as is apparent from Tiffany Darwish’s sentiments on Fox411. Even the words of the song that made her famous “I Think We’re Alone Now” have a whole new meaning in 2013.

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