Canon Introduces Its First Facebook Ready Camera

Gone are the days where customers would fawn over digital cameras and race out to the newest Radio Shack for the next big buy. Now we have smart phones that will easily deliver us our photos to our computers and social networking platforms with the click of a button. With this one small option, smart phones have made digital cameras virtually obsolete in many cases. Cue in Canon, which is one of the first cameras to ever get ahead of the curve with its own Facebook ready button.

Now when you use the Canon Powershot N, you no longer have to hook in to a USB port to extract your photos from the memory card. Instead, Canon has decided to display a built-in function that gives you the access to deliver your photos to Facebook with the click of a button.

Proving not to be your typical point and shoot, the LCD screen is expansive, and it’s side has a panel of buttons, including the added Facebook ready feature.

In order for Canon’s Facebook ready feature to work, you must be connected to WiFi because no one has quite figured out a 36/4G option just yet. These days a WiFi connection, even if it’s not completely secure, isn’t too hard to find. So once you snap away, and follow it up with a click of the Facebook button, Canon immediately connects to the service and uploads the photo so friends can comment. It doesn’t stop with photos either, owners of the Canon Powershot N can share videos to Facebook as well!

Other specs for the Canon Powershot N include: 2.1-megapixel compact camera with an 8x zoom, a 28mm wide-angle lens, and a 2.8-inch. In addition Canon is launching a whole new line of PowerShot cameras, with three new power points with advanced WiFi capabilities.

If you want the PowerShot N Facebook Canon it’s going to run you a $299.99 and will be out in September.

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