Coupon codes + free shipping deals for Cyber Monday

Do you already have a headache from trying to sort the wheat from the chaff for Cyber Monday?

A lot of the usability of deals comes down to your personal shopping style. I’ve seen myriad lists of certain stores’ offerings for the web’s discountiest day, a big round up of items I have no interest in buying. One of the best aspects of web shopping is choice, so if I were in fo big ticket stuff like cameras and iPods, I’d shop around.

Luckily, there are some shopping ninja tools you can employ to get what you really want on Cyber Monday: coupons, codes, and free shipping, bitches. Here are three quick ways to get the best Cyber Monday coupons, Cyber Monday codes or Cyber Monday free shipping deals so you can get money off things you’re already buying.

Stalking- it isn’t just for Facebook: Persistence pays off, and a quick glance at a few select Twitter accounts proffers deal after deal. Many retailers are giving codes for 20-40% off for shoppers today, but those most likely will be indie or smaller shops rather than Target, Walmart, Sears… Creating a separate Twitter list and becoming a fan on Facebook for your favorite retailers, small and large alike, will alert you not only to Cyber Monday deals, but also year-round ones.

Many (bricks and mortar) stores accept mobile proof of coupons, too, so it’s a good habit to have. If you really like a retailer, getting in on their text notifications isn’t too bad of an idea, either. I just got a text from New York & Company that all shipping is free today. I was like “yay, I have friends! Oh…” But if I wanted to give the gift or milquetoast career stretch pants to administrative assistants, I would have been so stoked.

Find a reputable deal site and CTRL+F5: is my personal favorite, and I always check there before hitting “buy this item” on any site. But is a great source for Cyber Monday codes and discounts, and the updates are coming fast and furious. You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter for updates that come with your daily browsing.

Google it, bitches: If you are buying a bigger ticket or widely available item, it helps to do a quick Google Shopping search and ensure you’re not just buying that thing because you’re buying other things. With the free shipping that abounds in many cyber-storefronts today, there’s no need to put all your eggs in one basket.

Did you snag any awesome bargains today? Let us know in the comments!


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