Gadget Catches Students Cheating At School

These days kids have it easy in school. Smart phones are making it a click away from being able to cheat on any kind of test. What’s worse is that teachers can’t control when a student uses his or her phone due to the pocket-like size of the new mobile devices. Now without visual evidence of an inked up hand or arm, students have the advantage with the click of a button. However, that’s all about to change.

Teachers now have the upper hand again, as there is a new gadget out there that helps those eyes in the back of their head. Berkeley Varitronics Systems has created the PocketHound. The PocketHound is a cellphone detector engineered to let teachers know who is cheating in their classroom.

How does this PocketHound work? Well, it is believed that it vibrates and lights up every time there is a nearby transmission from a cellular phone, which is a sure sign that a cheater isn’t too far away.

What’s convenient for the teacher is the battery life, which is two hours, and for most tests that’s well past the duration of the time allowed. Right now the retail price for the gadget is $500 and features “an integrated multiband antenna that is hidden under the label.” This is so the gadget can scan for cellphone frequencies and unique algorithms that are set off when the cellphone is in use.

PocketHound isn’t the only gadget that Berkeley Varitronics is distributing for teachers. Wolfhound Pro is another device, that helps ensure parents and law enforcement officers the ability to track a GPS device that has been attached to a child’s clothing. While this invention seems to go a bit too far, its intention was made to help officers confiscate contraband guns, knives, and phones that may create destructive situations in a school environment.

Do you think PocketHound is a good idea?

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