‘The Wonderful 101’ Is Wonderfully Super, If Flawed, Say Critics

The Wonderful 101 is a delight, according to early critics, even if it isn’t perfect.

An unusual superhero brawler to sat the least, Nintendo has gone to great lengths to bring the Wii U something special. The concept of the game involves controlling a group of said heroes and being able to combine them into a larger and more powerful entity. Taking a page out of Kick-Ass 2, surprisingly, you wander the world looking for helpless citizens to join your team, and the bigger the team, the more powerful the group. There is a “battery meter” that keeps you from using your Unite Morph abilities too often, but you can recharge it by defeating enemies and grabbing what they drop. The Wonderful 101 uses your morphing powers and combines them with the Wii U touchscreen to attack with special weapons by drawing them.

According to Now Gamer, The Wonderful 101 is one of those games that needs to be played at least once, possibly making the Wii U that must-own console that Nintendo has been aiming for. You start out with Wonder Red, who can smash bad guys with a big red fist. Every hero you adopt into your wonderfully motley crew gives you a new power, making it worth the trouble to rescue citizens. As the title indicates, you can have as many as 101 members in your Wonderful team.

Don’t expect The Wonderful 101 to make any sense storywise, as it is purely the stuff of children’s fantasy, says Nintendo Life. It brings back the silliness of superheroes at their origins and draws on that in spades. There are serious moments in the storyline, of course, but they won’t distract you from how insanely over the top this game is.

The flaws in The Wonderful 101 come in with accurately drawing your weapons, which can be difficult in the heat of the moment. Also, the puzzles, which require morphing to solve, tend to take away from the fun of combat, says Digital Spy.

All in all, The Wonderful 101 is wonderfully silly fun, even if it has its hiccups.

Are you excited to pick up The Wonderful 101 on September 15? Is it worth buying the Wii U for this exclusive game?

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