Lucas Cruikshank, Nickelodeon’s ‘Fred,’ Adorably Comes Out As Gay

Nickolodeon star Lucas Cruikshank came out on YouTube today, telling fans that he is gay in a clip posted to the service.

You may remember Lucas Cruikshank as “Fred,” or maybe you’re a fan of his YouTube channel — which hosts YouTube video Ask Lucas and Jennifer.

Cruikshank, 19, and the titular Jennifer Veal of Disney’s Jessie did a fun, in-bed Q&A sesh this week where Lucas answered for good on the question of whether or not he likes boys. The answer was yes.

The pair’s bond (which many of us who gravitated toward the arts will easily recognize) is palpably vibrant, and Lucas and Jennifer answer a host of questions before coming to the tweeted in and straightforward “are you gay?”

The teen answers immediately, confirming his sexuality before Jennifer cuts in and admonishes fans for not picking up his cues by their co-ed sleepovers, joint facials, and other markers of a gay guy/straight girl relationship.

He says:

“I’m gay. It’s so weird saying that on camera!”

Veal and Cruikshank then discuss whether or not she knew he was gay before he told her, and Lucas is clearly embarrassed when she answers with a resounding yes along with examples of his apparent gayness. Aww.

But then Lucas Cruikshank’s coming out got a fairy tale turn all baby gays can only dream of when the unthinkable happened on Twitter and the teen star got a huge boost from perhaps the biggest gay icon of all time.

All time!

Yes, CHER HERSELF congratulated Lucas Cruikshank on his admission, saying to the teen in a direct message of which he tweeted a screenshot:

Cruikshank also retweeted:

Did you suspect Lucas Cruikshank was gay?

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