Did the NFL punish the Denver Broncos enough?

The Denver Broncos and Head Coach Josh McDaniels have both been fined 50 grand. Their Director of Video Operations Scott Scarnecchia has been fired for cause over the alleged taping of San Francisco 49ers practice last month when the two teams were in London, England. The League determined that Scott did tape part of the 49ers walk through practice, that Josh McDaniels did refuse to watch it, and that none of this should have happened. The league itself has concluded that Steve was a repeat offender of the rules regarding the taping of other teams, and it leaves me wondering what does that make McDaniels himself.

Let us not forget that McDaniels was a member of the New England Patriots staff that was at the center last time we had a spy gate issue in the NFL. Let us also not forget he has done a terrible job running that team and he is in fact the one that should be fired for cause. Not just for this specific incident but the great amount of talent he has hurled away from the Broncos with almost reckless abandon.

Before we get to that, how is fining a NFL team 50k a deterrent for this kind of behavior? What is 50k to a team that generated 240 million dollars of revenue last season alone? If I were Roger “the hammer” Goodell I would have stripped the team of a draft pick much like the Patriots were. Furthermore Josh McDaniels makes a pretty hefty salary, and he gets a 50k fine? What is that? Wow he didn’t report this indiscretion immediately? No crap, who do you think ordered that the practice be filmed in the first place?

McDaniels along with Scarnecchia should both be looking for work, and the Broncos should be minus a draft pick in the 2011 NFL draft for their actions.

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