Evelyn Lozada Speaks Out On ‘Huge Blessing’ Of Chad Johnson Abuse [Video]

Evelyn Lozada recently spoke out on Access Hollywood Live about her very public, very messy divorce from Chad Johnson. The tiny 37-year-old reality TV star has really turned on the tears recently as she relives the trauma for Basketball Wives Season 5.

To recap, Chad Johnson head-butted Evelyn Lozada in August 2012, leaving a bloody gash on her forehead — and setting in motion a chain of events that would end their brief marriage of only 41 days. He has even been briefly jailed on the charges, after a judge ruled that Johnson was disrespectful when he gave his attorney a victory slap on the butt.

In the first episode of the new season, which premiered on Monday, Evelyn Lozada spent plenty of time crying. She talked about the stress of losing her husband to domestic violence charges and her brother-in-law to cancer in the same week.

If you watch the video posted up top, you can get a little more insight into Lozada’s struggle.

In the Access Hollywood video, Lozada is alternately teary and determined. In fact, she claimed that she’s the one who wanted a prenuptial agreement before she married Chad Johnson — apparently because she will eventually earn more than an NFL football player. Or at least she thinks she will.

But Lozada also revealed that it wasn’t as easy to leave the man who hit her as you might think.

Asked if she would have left him so quickly if all the world hadn’t known about her head injury, Lozada cried again:

“I had to go to the hospital. I’m going to admit if there wasn’t [a scar], I probably would have went right back in that house and would have brushed it under the rug…I wouldn’t have wanted the world to know…”

The fact that the abuse was so bloody and severe was a blessing in disguise, she continued: “I consider it such a huge blessing.”

She added that Johnson has since apologized and stopped blaming her for the incident. But they haven’t spoken since January, which is just as well.

It sounds like to me that it’s time for Evelyn Lozada to move forward. What do you think?

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