[VIDEO] Hacker plays Mario on Microsoft’s Kinect

Hackers of Microsoft’s Kinect, perhaps appalled by the slightly lame current line-up of Kinect games, have started hacking the device to play other games. As in proper, really good games like Super Mario Bros. 3.

The author of this Nintendo lawyer-baiting Kinect/Mario hack is YouTube user Yankeyan, who is shown on the video below running, jumping, and kneeling to control Mario on screen. It looks … sort of awkward to play, but it definitely works. Yankeyan IS the controller Mario. In the video below, you can watch him as he tackles the three NES Mario games.

While I applaud the man’s skills in getting this set up, this does raise one good point: Kinect is still nowhere near as responsive or reliable as a traditional controller, particularly for games that require precision pressing.

[Via technabob]

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