Man stabbed and frying-pan smacked over Facebook posting

Compared to other Facebook-related instances of inflicted harm, this one isn’t even overly shocking.

There was the woman whose baby died of Shaken Baby Syndrome after his cries interrupted her Facebook game of Farmville. Or the man who murdered his ex and then killed himself after she changed her relationship status. Also, the woman who ran down and killed another woman with her car over a Facebook dispute. And the British woman who was also killed over a relationship status change on Facebook.

Given its ubiquity, Facebook is bound to incite some real-life incidents of violence- methods of communication have been linked to disputes probably since early humans sent the first passive aggressive smoke signals. Such is the case with a Thanksgiving incident that began over the social networking service. 25-year-old Aaron Calhoun went to the home of a couple he said insulted his sister over Facebook, which was his first mistake. (And perhaps, a good argument for Facebook to add a “Dislike button.”)

Whatever Calhoun believed would transpire in the real-life confrontation, it probably bore no resemblance to the actual turn of events after Taresa O’Neal received her displeased visitor. Although the events leading up to the assault were not described, Calhoun, for his trouble, got whacked with a frying pan and stabbed. The Facebook disagreement that lead to the assault wasn’t disclosed by police or press.

Calhoun was taken to a hospital with injuries that were not life threatening. O’Neal and another, unnamed man were arrested.

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