Danica McKellar Kisses Avril Lavigne In New Video

Danica McKellar is best known for playing wholesome, girl-next-door Winnie Cooper on the show The Wonder Years, but the actress has a bit of a different look in the new Avril Lavigne video.

In the singer’s video for “Rock N Roll,” McKellar plays a wild rocker who makes out with Lavigne

Avril joked about the scene saying that it was both of their first kisses.

Avril said: “It was the first kiss for both of us. We never really talked about it afterward… But I think about the events of that day again and again, and somehow I know that Winnie does, too.”

In addition to the makeup session between McKellar and Lavigne, the video also features ridiculous awful flying sharks (a la Sharknado) and a voice over narration performed by McKellar in the style of The Wonder Years.

Danica McKellar may be best known as the girl from Wonder Years but this isn’t the first time that she’s tried to shed her wholesome image. She’s appeared in some racy magazine photos and recently starred in an action sci-fi movie where she battles monsters with a flame thrower.

Are you a fan of Danica McKellar? Here’s the new Avril Lavigne video.

Avril Lavigne’s new song will be available for download on August 27.

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