Nando’s Chicken Costs Beyonce Over $2,200 In England

Nando’s chicken was on the top of the menu for Beyonce and her entourage over the weekend after she performed at the V Festival in Hylands park on Saturday.

So many meals were needed for Beyonce’s huge posse that the check came to a whopping $2,260.31! The order was made by phone and included: 58 wing platters, 12 veggie burgers, 48 whole nando chickens, 24 sides of coleslaw, and 24 portions of rice.

Earlier this year, Beyonce was also in the mood for some Nando’s chicken when she spent nearly $2,000 at a Nando’s store in Dublin, Ireland.

I guess that peri peri sauce is just too good resist! One of the Nando’s employees in the Chelmsford branch, Helen Cable, who took Beyonce’s order on the phone, hit Twitter with great excitement tweeting: “Too excited that Beyonce is ordering a Nando’s from us if only she would pick it up herself!”

Two male grill workers at the Nando’s branch also shared pictures on twitter of themselves working the grill, while cooking Beyonce’s order, with the caption: “Nando’s UK cooking Beyonce wings while she’s at V Festival.”

What do you think about the massive order Beyonce made for her entourage? How many people do you estimate she had with her to need to order that much Nando’s chicken? Share your thoughts in the feed below.

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