Seinfeld Movie Posters Win The Internet, Jerry Approves

Seinfeld movie posters were always one of the most endearing parts of the classic ’90s sitcom, and Old Red Jalopy has taken their love of these classic faux marketing materials to the next level by re-imagining 10 of the show’s classic fictitious feature films using today’s stars.

And from the sound of things, the sitcom’s leading man, Jerry Seinfeld himself, is very pleased. The comedian took to Twitter last week to voice his approval with a simple RT and “Well done.”

We would have to agree. Old Red Jalopy definitely wins the Internet with each of these Seinfeld movie posters, but for us, five stand out as the very best. Here are our picks.

5. Chunnel

Episode Introduced: Season 7, The Pool Guy

Jerry, Elaine, and Susan (George’s fiance) go to see Chunnel against George’s wishes. (“You’re killing Independent George!”) George makes a scene at the theater, and Jerry and Elaine talk too much for Susan’s liking. The modern version, as you can see here, stars Daniel Craig, Aaron Eckhart, and Julianne Hough. Pitch perfect casting!

The director is Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum), which means you can expect a lot of shaky cam effects, and to leave the theater dizzy and a little sick to your stomach.

Unfortunately, the film is not-yet-rated, so the jury is still out on whether you can take your kid to see it. With the explosive cover, we’re thinking PG-13 and quality that ranks with the lesser Die Hard films, but you never know.

4. Death Blow

Episode Introduced: Season 8, The Little Kicks

Get ’em Death Blow! Kramer was just dying to see this action film in the episode The Little Kicks, where Elaine proves she can’t dance. (“Sweet fancy Moses!”) Everyone’s favorite hipster dufus also really thought “that Hawaiian guy” had it coming to him.

Well, no Hawaiians here, but that doesn’t make this entry on the Seinfeld movie posters list any less awesome. The modern version stars Channing Tatum and Jason Statham in what is sure to be a major league crap-fest. And if you don’t believe us, just remember that it’s a Bruckheimer-Bay affair.

3. Blimp: The Hindenburg Story

Episode Introduced: Season 9, The Puerto Rican Day Parade

George was proud of himself after getting in the zinger “That’s gotta hurt!” when he went to see Blimp for the second time. But ultimately, it was the guy with the laser pointer, who stole the show when George’s outburst gave him the idea of tormenting George for the rest of the episode.

In this version, we’re treated to the performances of Bradley Cooper and Amanda Seyfried under the watchful eye of disaster movie hack Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012). As Newman might say, “Oh, the humanity!”

2. Rochelle, Rochelle

Episode Introduced: Season 3, The Dog

This film first came to Jerry and George’s attention while Elaine was stuck at Jerry’s apartment taking care of a stranger’s dog. Meanwhile, Kramer “must have been out of my mind,” when he started dating a woman, who contributed “nothing to society!” (Elaine compared the woman’s personality to an Elephant Man exhibit.)

Rochelle, Rochelle was by far the most famous of the Seinfeld movies — probably because of the “side-al nudity” — and would later appear in The Movie, The Smelly Car, and The Understudy (its final showing, season six).

In The Understudy, it’s even turned in to a Broadway musical starring Bette Midler.

In this Seinfeld movie posters effort, Anne Hathaway takes the lead role and Lars Von Trier handles the directing.

1. Prognosis Negative

Episode Introduced: Season 3, The Dog

From George’s menacing voice, we get a sense that Prognosis Negative could be a scary, mad-scientist type of film. Not sure if that’s the case, but whatever it was about, Elaine wanted to see it so badly Jerry had to act like he hadn’t seen it, and then go again in spite of it “having a story that goes nowhere.”

In the modern version, David Cronenberg helms while Hugh Jackman stars as a “doctor” tampering with realms of science that obviously weren’t meant for mankind to know.

Those are our favorites. Head over to NextMovie to get a look at all 10.

(Seinfeld movie posters not pictured here: Sack Lunch, Checkmate, Ponce De Leon, Flaming Globes Of Sigmund, and Cry, Cry Again.)

[Featured image via Seinfeld Season Four Episode “The Movie”]

[Poster images via Old Red Jalopy and NextMovie]

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