Apple’s newest ban hammer: Single-station radio apps

Now that single-station radio apps have been put on the same level as fart apps the gatekeepers of the Apple App Store have begun to ban them because in the words of Apple to Jim Barcus, president of DJB Radio Apps, “they (single-station apps) are the same as a fart app and represent spam in the iTunes stores”.

According to a post at The Register Barcus says that Apple began rejecting the single-station radio apps starting on November 10 with a logic that Barcus says is ridiculous and shows that Apple doesn’t understand the stiff competition radio stations are facing.

Given that it is the business of DJB Radio Apps to convince as many radio stations as possible that they must have these type of apps I think Barcus’ argument is a little on the facetious side but he has taken his gripe public:

Barcus is now broadcasting his gripe via an article in Radio Magazine, urging radio station owners to complain directly to Apple and Steve Jobs. “I think after enough broadcast professionals complain and make Apple aware of the fact that radio stations are in fierce competition with each other and listener loyalty makes the listener want to only listen to his favorite radio station, Apple may change this rule,” he says.

As Cade Metz say in the post on The Register – Good luck with that.

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