Facebook Page Exposes Horrible Conditions Of College Dorm Rooms

We have all heard some nightmare stories about dorming, from its horrible conditions, to bad roommates, and so forth. As far as grimy conditions go, George Washington University certainly takes the cake.

How GWU ever got clearance on their dorms proves to be a real head scratcher for us. A Facebook page titled GW Housing Horrors was created on July 30, and since its creation it has received hundreds and hundreds of likes.

The Facebook page was created in order to shame the housing situation at George Washington University. One click on the photos section of the Facebook page is enough to lose your appetite for a week. The photos show the dormitory in absolutely horrid condition. Here’s what we spot on the first photo: ceiling debris on a toilet bowl, mold growing on the floor and walls, and that’s just where it beings.

The creators of the Facebook page said their social media exploit was a “last resort” tactic. Although neither are students of GWU, both spent some time at their dorm building called The Aston, while completing internships over the summer.

The description on the Facebook page reads:

“This page was created with the intent of exposing the true state of GW campus housing. Our goal is to bring attention to GW’s blatant negligence and irresponsible housing practices.”

The students completing their internship told the university housing staff, but they did not receive a favorable response.

According to Mashable, one of the creator’s Ayla Nejad told the site:

“They were just so rude, I didn’t even know what to say. I think it’s an intimidation factor. I think it’s an intimidation factor.”

Other photos reveal holes in the ceilings, quick fix its with duct tape and cardboard, and sewage spewing out of the bathroom sink. Half of the problem is probably the residents that lived at the dorms before the interns, but the other half is definitely the staff. Normally housing regulations are usually checked up on once a month, or at least several times a semester.

Would you stay at GWU?

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