‘Watch Dogs’ Movie On Its Way, Say Sony, Ubisoft

Watch Dogs is hacking its way to the big screen, thanks to Sony and Ubisoft.

One of the biggest games being made for the next generation consoles is on its way to being a major motion picture. This is usually where anybody who’s seen nearly every video game based movie starts preparing a letter to those responsible summed up in two words, “Please, no.”

Watch Dogs hasn’t even proven itself as a video game, in all reality. Unless you’re an insider, all you’ve seen is trailers to whet your appetite. That said, this is a truly bold move on the part of both Sony and Ubisoft.

Ubisoft has made movies before, though they went straight to DVD or the internet. Assassin’s Creed was given such a treatment, and it turned out okay, but the big screen will see much more harsh critics from all sides. The gamers will want to see if it’s close enough to the game to do it justice, while the moviegoers will be looking for a storyline that doesn’t make them wish they’d just decided not to see “another video game based movie.”

The movie domains have been secured, and the production is already under way, as announced at Gamescon 2013. One can only hope that this isn’t just a stupid move to cash in on a game that hasn’t even been given a chance to sell yet. If the game doesn’t go over so well, the movie is going to look like a terrible idea from the start, if it doesn’t already.

The story of Watch Dogs as a video game is about a professional hacker and combat master who can take control of practically anything mechanical in a futuristic Chicago. Aiden Pearce can hack into your laptop while you’re using it and record what you’re doing, or even dip into your bank account and rob you blind. No doubt Sony gamers will be hoping to see Aiden Pearce hack into someone’s Xbox One Kinect and spy on them as recent NSA fears indicate.

What do you think of Sony and Ubisoft planning a feature film about Watch Dogs?

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