Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

It was pretty much what we expected in week 11, not too many big surprises and I think it is safe to say that the power rankings are starting to level off. By this point in the season teams are who we think they are. With that being said here are my Week 11 NFL power rankings:

  1. Falcons (even from last week)- Big test this Sunday with the Packers
  2. Patriots (even)- Two game winning streak over the Steelers and the Colts
  3. Ravens (even)- Ed Reed has four picks in four games
  4. Packers (+1)- Riding high on a two game winning streak
  5. Jets (-1)- 3 game winning streak, but each win came in final minute
  6. Saints (even)- The mid season troubles are gone
  7. Steelers (+1)- Running game is suffering since Big Ben returned
  8. Eagles (+1)- No INT’s for Vick in 191 attempts
  9. Colts (-2)- They don’t look that great on the road
  10. Giants (even)- losers of two straight
  11. Chargers (even)- Starting to heat up per usual
  12. Bears (+5)- We keep waiting for them to fall apart, it might happen in the playoffs
  13. Buccaneers (-1)- Ravens and Falcons are next time to step up
  14. Chiefs (+2)- They sit in first place in the AFC West
  15. Jaguars (+4)- Tied for first in the AFC South
  16. Raiders (-3)- loss in Pittsburgh proves they are not ready for prime time
  17. Dolphins (-3)- They have got that injury bug
  18. Redskins (+3)- They are pretty up and down week to week
  19. Titans (-4)- Last week was ugly in more ways than one
  20. Cowboys (+4)- On a two game winning streak
  21. Rams (+3)- two game slide into a three game road trip is tough
  22. Browns (-4)- they lose, but the losses are close
  23. Seahawks (+2)- Hasselbeck is in good form now
  24. Texans (-4)- The pass defense is the problem
  25. Vikings (-3)- Leslie Frazier is teh man now
  26. Broncos (+2)- Orton can pass, but that cannot win
  27. 49ers (-4)- Troy Smith has been exposed
  28. Cardinals (-2)- losers of 5 straight
  29. Bengals (-2)- The Bungles are back
  30. Lions (even)- Jim Schwartz may finish his second season with a worse record than former coach Marty Mornhinweg
  31. Bills (even)- They are better than they appear
  32. Panthers (even)- Just one win, baby
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