Cable Outage During Breaking Bad Causes 911 Crises Calls

Breaking Bad fans have proven themselves to be very passionate about the show. Tattoos of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have been unveiled, fans have even celebrated in the past with Breaking Bad parties, and there’s an exhibition dedicated to the transformation of the anti hero Walt White. So what happens when a cable provider bites the dust during a Breaking Bad episode? Well, for starters, it isn’t pretty.

911 emergency responders received a flood of calls during the broadcast on Sunday night, when a town in Connecticut failed to receive their weekly dose of Breaking Bad.

According to CNN, a power outage knocked out service on Sunday evening, which just so happened to take place during the second episode of the last half of the Breaking Bad series. There were some viewers that chose to act responsibly and wait it out, but some of those people thought it would be better to express their outrage to the Fairfield Police Department.

Of course the police department wasn’t thrilled that Breaking Bad fans were calling in to complain and posted a Facebook post that read:

“We are receiving numerous 911 calls regarding the Cablevison outage. This is neither an emergency or a police related concern. Please direct your inquiries to Cablevision. 911 should only be called for Life Threatening Emergencies ONLY. Incidents that are not of an emergency nature may be reported to the Fairfield Police Department…. Misuse of the 911 system may result in an arrest.”

Unfortunately for Breaking Bad fans, Cablevision wasn’t up and running until 11 pm EST on Sunday. Fans of Breaking Bad still weren’t happy about missing the show, but others inquired if the passionate fans that called in to the police department lacked basic values:

“I have to wonder what this world is coming to and if people truly understand the definition of emergency.”

Do you think fans of Breaking Bad were out of line for calling 911 with their complaint? The bigger question remains, why didn’t the fans just call their cable provider?

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