‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ New Trailer Reveals A World Unveiled [Video]

Dragon Age: Inquisition has a new trailer revealing “A world unveiled.”

Bioware is planning to combine the gameplay elements of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II into a new game for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC. The RPG puts the player into a third-person view of their hero as they go on quests into unknown lands, crafting potions and traps, enhancing weapons with runes, and the like. Distribution of weapons and armor among party members would be handled in a new way, allowing any armor you find to simply adjust to other party members as they put it on.

The new trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition begins with a desert backdrop, and some fixed characters set in front of it, such as a fully armed man in armor with a sword, a crow resting on a jutting bone, and a castle in the distance.

Then we cut to producer Cameron Lee telling us about the new game, “The vision for Dragon Age: Inquisition is to create an opportunity the likes of which no one’s ever seen before.”

General manager Aaryn Flynn adds, “That involves, I think, a better player interaction, choices that matter, amazing visuals, a new level of immersion that can only be achieved with the hardware and software we have now.”

Executive producer Mark Darrah says, “We’re combining a vast world and a tight Bioware style story into something that is really going to take role-playing games to the next level.”

Creative director Mike Laidlaw also adds, “We see the next generation of Bioware RPGs as being all about freedom for the player. We want you to be able to take control, and [Dragon Age] Inquisition is the first step in that journey.”

The trailer continues with scenes of a group of characters gathering around a map on a wooden table under a gnarled tree, and then we’re given a closeup of the map in rich detail and a sweeping view. The statue of a warrior stands amid the rain on one of two outcrops of rock by the sea.

The rest of the video is above. What do you think of the latest trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition seen at Gamescon 2013?

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