Melanie Griffith Says Modern Movies Mostly Too ‘S****y,’ ‘Superficial’

Melanie Griffith, 56, has a new independent film Dark Tourist coming out. If you hit that button, you can see a trailer for the drama which premiered last week.

Apparently, the way to promote your new film is to run down the other films out there. In an interview with Fox News, the 1988 Working Girl star blasted the Hollywood film industry for its lack of roles for mature women.

Hollywood “is a very superficial place. It is all about youth and beauty, for women anyway…I believe in just being really good and working on my craft…

“[M]ost of the scripts are so s****y and stupid and superficial…I don’t go to the movies anymore…[T]here is nothing to see…the big movies are all cartoons and super heroes.”

Wow. Tell us what you really think. And don’t think I’ve given you the entire Melanie Griffith rant. That’s just the highlights. So you’re welcome to click that link and read the whole thing.

Griffith also claimed that her husband Antonio Banderas is writing a script especially for her. And when will we see it? There was some mumble about how busy the 53-year-old Spanish hunk is.

And OMG! Yahoo! reported that Griffith appeared at the Dark Tourist premiere last week not with her husband but with her former husband 56-year-old Steven Bauer.

So I don’t know how much Griffith’s rant is about the movies and how much it might be about unknown stuff going on in her personal life. There have been quite a few unconfirmed divorce rumors swirling around Griffith and Banderas.

Do the fans care about tragic Melanie Griffith’s pain?

I tend to feel like Griffith could have figured out she wasn’t the kind of star who was going to still get big roles once she got older.

Most of us didn’t make free money with our face for three days, much less 30 years, so we’re not going to go all boo hoo hoo for Melanie Griffith. But I’m evil. What do you think?

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